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My job
During my 2 years of apprenticeship as a Product Designer in the UX/UI team I was able to strengthen the Design System in place and carry out projects of creation and redesign of interfaces.

Netatmo Weather

Netatmo Weather is the first Netatmo application. It allows to control and visualize the weather data (temperature, pressure, humidity, precipitation) collected by the numerous Netatmo Weather products available. The Weather application had not been reworked for several years. I had the mission to create a new set of illustrations working according to an algorithm, allowing not to create hundreds of possible combinations.

While working on this subject, I was able to target many accessibility and comprehension issues that allowed me to launch the redesign project of the application as Lead Product Designer. In collaboration with the development teams and the Product Manager, I was able to understand that the development time for this project was reduced. I had to minimize the impact on the technical architecture and focus on optimizations through monitoring and user testing. The new interface allows to modernize the application and to improve the user experience by bringing a simplified and more efficient reading of information.


Netatmo has a complete universe of applications (Security, Weather, Energy and Home + Control), yet the identity of this universe is weak. So I proposed to improve this point by creating a new set of illustrations and animation to bring to life the numerous information and action screens in the Netatmo universe.
Smart products installation time can vary from a few seconds to several minutes. It is therefore necessary to make the user understand that the application is still working well and that the installation is taking place. After an audit and some research, I made several animations for each step of the process to illustrate the step and its progress.

Home + Control : Air conditioner aquisition

Air conditioner controls brings several problems, the main one is to understand what are the different options available (modes, temperature range, fan speeds and others). During the product tests, automatic acquisition of the options was not reliable. That's why a manual acquisition had to be done.

User flow, prototyping and user tests allowed me to build an acquisition allowing to understand step by step the functioning of an air conditioner whatever its brand.

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