Maxime Thureau
alias Vynsawl

Interaction Designer student
MBA studies in Nantes, France, ending on October 2022

In parallel to my studies as a user experience and user interface designer , I am developing my skills as a graphic designer and an illustrator, independently. 

I’m a big-picture thinker but at the same time a detail-oriented.
My visual design capabilities together with my high sensitivity, help me to create unique and accurate UX/UI concepts.

A dynamic, agile and innovative environment suits my skill set perfectly.

I love...

I love digital art (digital painting and 3D). I try myself on it to create. I'm interested in tatoos. I like to watch movies, series and animations with nice photography and strong identity! My favorite ones are part of Sci-fi, fantasy or Pixar Animations Studio.
Since the lockdown I figured out that I missed sport a lot. So I decided to make a lot of bike, run and take care of my head, my body and my spirit.