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End of Bachelor degree project
Esport is an electronic sport where professionals players compete on video games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege. Biggest esport competitions are real spectacles where best players are full concentrate and where spectators create an insane effervescence. This middle is in development, video games become more and more well-known for everyone.

Video games & Esport

If it's that amazing what is the problem?

To access to the top esport players, gamers train themselves for hours and hours as long as possible.

"To train themselves, our professional team on CSGO play 6 to 8 hours per day, 5 to 6 days per week"
Zidwait (CEO & chief redactor of aAa)

In South Korea, a country where esport is more important than traditional sports and where esport players are huge stars, the playing rhythm can reach up to 10 daily hours. Players mindset is "the more I play the stronger I will be". Because of this, players go beyond their body limits and hurt themselves. These injuries are developed through time and repetition of bad movements.

How to match performance and healthy life conditions for an esport player?

My concept

Create a virtual coach service to raise awareness players to their inactivity thanks to an adapted physical and psychological program.
I choose an application because everyone have a smartphone and you have it with you everywhere. It's also more sustainable to not produce more products.


I started to look existents virtual coaches for fitness workouts. I found Freeletics, a very nice developed application with a nice user experience. I tested it for 2 months to define what I like on it and what is missing.

The + :
- Personalized programs (physical condition, sport routine...)
- Single exercises if I don't have the time to do the whole workout session
- Community
- Sound design (applauses)
- Summary of the session with the different exercises and the repetitions

What is missing ?
- Motivation notifications when you don't do your programmed sessions
- Not very beginner friendly
- All pictures, workouts show athletics people

I looked also for customisation device softwares such as G Hub made by Logitech to assign sensibility, macros, RVB lights. I choose G Hub for its community profile feature. You can share your equipment customisation profile for each game you play and use profiles of the community.

The + :
- Minimalist UI
- Equipment settings profiles shared with the community

What is missing ?
- Not very affording
- Bad searching feature

I interviewed and talked to a physiotherapist and an osteopath to understand the best position to keep when you have to stay for hours sitting on a chair looking at a screen and clicking thousands of times of your mouse. They also help me to define the pause timing players have to do to make small stretches.


My targets are beginners, professionals players and streamers.
Professionals players are the most demanding players so I listed all the qualities they need to be at their best :

- Strong mental
- Good physical conditions
- Determination
- Communication
- Reactivity
- Work on our self

Main Features

Thanks to the main qualities needed for an esport player and the user flows I was able to define the main features.

- Statistics : Use game and real time stress data to define the best training for players. Get these informations thanks to a connected watch or the Focus connected mouse.

- Coaching : Thanks to the questionnaire and statistics the coaching create personalized workouts to fit the mental and physical conditions of every players considering their environment.

- Workout : Taking care of the body is important for a video game player especially to not have injuries and stay focus on the game. Workouts are define on the stress, endurance, reflex and strength training.

- Stretching : The most important feature of the application. Stretching is a necessity to keep articulations and muscles chill. Stretches are proposed after 45min to 1h30 when the player is waiting for another game.

- Motivation : Keep users motivated thanks to notifications and progress curve.

- Community : Use well known pro players profiles to help players to identify to them, make the same training and use the same equipment as them.

- Team organisation : A lot of players who to improve themselves, play in team and all pro players have one. Training with others are also much more motivating thanks to the schedule

Heart of the service

The player give informations about his physical conditions, his goal, his environment and when he plays, gives statistics. Thanks to these informations the application create workouts and stretches the player have to do. Every time the user play or train the coaching is adapted.


When you Sign in, a questionnaire is present to know more the user.
First I ask about his player status, if he plays in team or not, what is his sport level and the equipment he has.
Then I ask about the interval between two pauses and how much it last.
Finally, I ask about the the program he wants, the level, the objectives what kind of games he plays to define the main qualities to focus on.


Divided in 3 sections :
- Personalized workout program divided in several sessions per week
- A library of programs and short trainings
- Stretching if you feel the necessity to stretch more after a workout session or after games


On this application section you can see a recap of your previous activity. You can see your stress and APM statistics to see how one influence the other. The Activity section is a tool for players to understand and work on themselves.
When you open your video game the section In Game open itself if you had linked it Focus. It gives several timers, one for the time you have played, one for the time you made a pause, one for the time you stretch yourself and the total one. You have also a view on your statistics and a reminder to drink water.
Depending the interval between two pauses and if you are in game or not, a pop up comes to give you an alert to make a pause and stretch yourself.


Community is here to give you a goal, to follow the same training as pro players you love. For example if you want to train yourself to be better at League of Legends and you love the way a player plays, you can have access to his personalized training and the equipment he uses and make the same.
If you are part of a team you can create a shared training to centralised the training of every players and motivate each other.

What's up next?


The gaming and esport community is really closed. To communicate to gamers a targeted marketing is a necessity so if I had to sell the application, I will put adds on specialized websites and softwares such as,, I will also communicate on social networks mainly on Twitter, the principal one for gamers. To have access to a large target audience I will also make sponsored contents with esport teams, pro players and influencers and put adds on Youtube and Twitch.


I focused Focus on gamers, pro players because its a very stressed and competitive targets that don't care that much on their body but more on results. I know that they are not at all the only one to stay hours in sitting on a chair working on a computer. Nowadays a lot of workers are in the same position and are not sensitized to the injuries. I would like to create a more simplified application for every one focusing on stretching and pauses.

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