Game Electronic


Survive in an asteroid storm
My job
Defined the gameplay and the storytelling with Noé.
Developted the Arduino code and establised the electronic.
Made with
Your planet is about to explode. You have to escape from it in your spaceship but a big obstacle is on your way… Indeed the asteroid belt will not let you pass easily. Space traveler I wish you luck. Over.


Astro is an electronic game inspired by games such as Flappy Bird, where the gameplay is based on the player agility. You play a little bird which have to avoid barriers to go further as it can. Also inspired by Space Invaders in which you have to destroy Aliens waves with a laser gun and you can also move horizontally or Frogger where you control frogs to lead them to their homes. During the game you will have to dodge cars and cross a river.

Game box

To end the game, we decided to create a wooden box which seems like a downsized arcade terminal. The box is inclined to give the player to choose in which position he want to play : on the table or the box in his hands. Finally we gave a name to our game : ASTRO for the asteroids you have to avoid.

Code & electronic

To realize this project, we will use 5 libraries to help us for the use of the boutons, the piezo buyer, the 8x8 led matrix and the 3 led tape. Concerning the matrix and the led tape we will use the Adafruit_Neopixel, Adafruit_GFX, Adafruit_NeoMatrix and FastLED libraries. Then for the game music and the game over music we will use a piezo buzer with the notes.h library.


The player have to move his spaceship horizontally thanks to the two boutons (right and left) to avoid asteroids. The game mix reflexion and agility. Reflexion because you have to think about your next moves and agility because the longer you play the faster the game will be.
Be careful the spaceship has only two shields. If you are hit 3 times, it will explode and Game Over.

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