A mysterious praise to the 80s
My job
Worked with team mates on storyboard. Define the atmosphere and create it. Postproduction and visual effects.
Runover Dimension is a praise of pop culture as synthwave, a kind of music influenced by movies and music of the 80s.

The speech

A man in the 80s tries to craft an object thanks to a blueprint given by a strange man in a bar. Will he succeed? What this strange object is for? The story drives you in a parodic tone using kitsch objects like the Power Glove and the Sega Lock On.


Made with friends with our technical possibilities. We went to a friend's old house on one of my friends, removing everything we don’t need to create the atmosphere we wanted. We used lava lamps, neons to put colors and we tried to get a coherent setup. This was an amazing experience that I would love to retry.

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