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Obey the queen, protect the King


I love magic, card games, and the art to illustrate a game with an original design. I wanted to create something in this way, to create a special card game with a universe.


I start to draw some sketch to find my direction. After a few of them, I decided to go on black illustrations and stay on the red and black tones. I draw a king I liked and seems enough charismatic to be a reference for all the heads of my game. So, I continue with this design to make the 4 kings, the 4 queens and the 4 jacks for all the colors.


I made all the heads in my style but I had no idea that will be the colors. I didn’t want to use the classic ones so I tried to make my owns. My inspirations were focused on a Sci-fi fantasy inspirations, that’s why tried to make designs with planets and play with it.

Packaging & Universe

For this project, I wanted to make everything for my card game. So for the packaging, I search the size for a normal card game and start to find a nice graphic design to communicate around the card game universe. I choose to keep the black, gold and white tones and to be efficient I made a logo and search for a name. It ends with the name Lunarium with an esoteric eye.
For the graphic design of the packaging I wanted also to write a Blaise Pascal sentence I love:
« L’Univers m’embarasse, et je ne puis songer que cette Horloge existe et n’ait pas d’horloger ».

« The Universe confounds me and cannot imagine that such a Clock can exist without there being a Clockmaker ».

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