Silence! Chunk is sensitive
My job
Part of the ideation. Coded the Processing animation and interactions. Made Chunk a chunky and fluffy creature.
Chunk aim to limit sound excess in normal quiet places (library, school classes, teamwork places, etc). When a certain sound limit is exceeded, Chunk waste away. To save this little poor furball, you have to cuddle it.


We wanted to make our device in an original way so we decide to give a fury shape and a personality. It has several characteristics :
A - Growth phase
B - Damage phase
C - Graphic and sound interactions
D - Care phase of Chunk with cuddles

Graphic & Sound creations

The projected part of Chunk should be easily identifiable. We decided to represent it with an eye rounded by slowly growing colored fur. When the sound level is too loud, black fur grows to recover the color fur, chunk wast away.

Two animations were done for the two phases of Chunk. During the growth phase, the eye blink at a regular interval whereas during the damage phase, the eye is excited. To go with the two phases, we decided to create light halos. Inspired from RPG health spells, the growth halo is purifying while during the damage phase, the halo is dark and worrisome. Samples were also done on GarageBand to oppose the two phases in a strong way.

Chunk birth

The plush is the heart of our project. He had to create our own cute creature. That is why we eviscerate a teddybear, stitched it and Chunk was born.

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