A new way to enjoy a beer
My job
Interviewed users, created visual identity. Designed pages of the application. Coded html and css parts for the prototype.
Made with
Discover and drink are the main words of this project. Our goal is to make people discover bars and places even in their own city thanks to an interactive experience.


We give you the possibility to choose between a selected and a random selection to create an itinerary throughout bars. Randomness puts flavors and microbreweries in the heart of the service. It can be used by novices and experts, to register a beer you like or to taste every American IPA in your city!

User Interface

We decided to create an original graphic interface to link with our concept: a new way to go out with friends need a new way to experience a user interface. We were inspired by the alchemy symbols and fluid movement. For the construction of the ergonomic interface, we used the Fibonacci sequence.

User Experience

We wanted a simple service to do what it has to do and no more-v. You can create new itineraries save them, add friends, save a beer you like. Everything gravitates around microbreweries, bars with local beers, social and fun for your crazy nights!

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