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I give life to Nebula.
Working on its shape, how she moves, reacts and looks like.
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Natural History Museum of Nantes
Entomologist : François Meurgey
Marin Chomienne
Christophe Le Conte
Malo Cazin
Corentin Henry
Ronan Chopineaux
Yicen Yang
Allan Guégan
Clara Mahe
Romain Bursi
Seen at
Les Utopiales - International Science-Fiction Festival 2021
Nantes Digital Week 2021
Born from the Biomimicry project, Nebula aims to raise public awareness of the biodiversity around us. Because all biodiversity and biosphere have their importance and are impacted by Man, we wanted to think bigger


Invisible, intangible, the biosphere is the pillar of life on earth. Biodiversity depends on the observed environment: forests, oceans, mountains and even cities are real nests full of life. These evolve according to numerous climatic parameters which are in turn altered by the actions of man.
Each of these climatic parameters impact are represented as graphic parameters on Nebula.


Seeing, touching, listening to better understand and make the general public discover the impact that humans can have is the goal of Nebula. Nebula is a totem that houses a 3D hologram that allows us to observe the impact of certain invisible factors on the evolution of the biosphere.

Behind the scene

3D generative shape made with Unity VFX textures nodes and nteractive sliders integrated with Arduino and created with a 3D printer.

Watch the video to dive in the process of Nebula.

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