Make reading fun for everyone
My job
Participate to create a simple reading experience. Define the UI and the animation of the interface. Create the high fidelity mobile prototype.
Frog Reader is a multi-platform tool (smartphone, tablet, computer) allowing dyslexic people to simplify their reading. In order to make this activity fun and pleasant, many tools are present to scan, analyze, understand a word.

Introduction and brief

This project is a redesign of an existing tool. Mobidys came to the Digital design master of the Nantes Design School to simplify their user experience on their property reading format : FROG.
Looking at it makes you understand the necessity to give a nice redesign and even start from nothing.


We wanted to get closer to the applications and models of digital reading that have proven themselves. Thus the reading interface is simple and intuitive.


Existant applications, pluggins, websites helped us to understand how the tools were commonly grouped and explained throught icons, text and components.

In order not to alter the reading experience too much, the tools are grouped in a fixed navbar. Since there are many tools (10 in total), we wanted to group them in 4 different groups.
- Phonetic help : Phonemes and syllables
- Visual guide help : Focus
- Comprehension help: Audio
- Text processing : Text settings

Graphical User Interface

Since reading is the users complex, we avoided the use of words whenever possible and preferred strong visual language. The icons for each tool group and tool are as simple as possible and as meaningful as possible. The colors help to remember the segmentation of the tools and to establish a recognizable identity for the platform.


Here's an overview of the full interface with high fidelity prototypes.

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